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Pool Waterproofing Insulation (Pool Paint)

Moisture insulation or nano-based pool paint is the best option for insulation and painting of the pool, water tanks, fountains ...

What is Pool Waterproofing Insulation

What is Pool Waterproofing Insulation?

Pool insulation, is a water based acrylic-resin paint that improves waterproofing and fills tiny cracks, providing a uniformed coat for the insulation of surfaces that are in constant proximity to water and moisture. Pool insulation with high adhesion, elasticity and resistance to chemical solutions is the most reliable nano-based waterproofing insulation. Pool nano insulation is non-flammable, non-toxic, odorless, anti-fungal, anti-algae and applicable on all surfaces. Pool moisture insulation (pool waterproofing) replaces bituminous coating, polymer sheets and other traditional materials for pool and water tanks insulation. Pool insulation is the best option for painting potable water tanks and fixing leaks on all surfaces in the shortest time and at the lowest cost possible. Waterproofing and Insulation on Wikipedia.

Comparison of Pool paint and Traditional pool insulation

Pool insulation or nano water insulation replaces bituminous coating, polymer sheets and other traditional materials for pool and water tanks insulation.

Nano-based pool paint due to its easy application for consumers, is one of the most popular types of pool and water tank insulation material for agricultural water storage tanks and fish farming pools. The pool paint is very flexible and resembles rubber. It does not break or peel off at all and can be used in a variety of medium-sized hydraulic structures. Pool paint is used to coat and protect concrete and cement surfaces to prevent water infiltration and the growth of moss, algae and other living microorganisms. Pool paint is formulated based on water-resistant resins and it is highly adhesive on concrete, brick, cement and metal surfaces. Also, it is resistant to impact and abrasion.

Benefits of pool paint (Pool Moisture Insulation)

Pool insulation is suitable for insulation of new pools or old cracked pools. Anti-salt accumulation, anti-fungal, anti-mold, anti-algae and high elasticity..


After drying it has high elasticity and does not crack due to expansion, shrinkage or structural subsidence.

Reasonable Price

The finished price of the pool insulation is lower than similar materials and has lower maintenance and repair costs.

Quick Installation

Nano Pool Paint (Pool Insulation) is very easy and fast to apply and dries very quickly.


Nano Pool Insulation is waterproof, fully compatible with the environment or eco-friendly.

Easy Installation

Pool paint or pool waterproofing insulation is easy to apply by brush, spray gun or paint roller without the need for an expert.

High Adhesion

It has very high adhesion to all vertical and horizontal surfaces including metal, cement, brick, concrete, asphalt ...

Resistant to Weather Conditions

Pool paint is highly resistant to snow, rain and temperature variations and does not lose its integrity.

Resistant to UV

Color and quality are maintained for the long term. It has a long life span and is resistant to the suns UV rays.

Moisture Insulation

The pool paint is completely waterproof and impermeable. It is the best option for sealing and insulation.

Non-toxic and Hygienic

It is hygienic and non-toxic and does not contaminate water. Suitable for drinking water storage and aquaculture.

Long Life Span

The properties and resistance of the pool insulation, has made it to have a much longer life span than similar materials.

Resistant to Temperature Change

The pool color is highly resistant to temperature change and can withstand from -30 to 200 degrees Celsius.

How to apply Nano Pool Paint:

  1. New concrete and cement surfaces must remain intact for 28 days until they are dry and firm.
  2. The cracks should be filled with special fillers.
  3. Clean old, dirty or dusty surfaces by water pressure and wait to dry.
  4. Apply to the surface using a brush, a roller or a spray gun.
  5. Avoid applying to hot, frozen or wet surfaces.
Steps of Pool Paint Application
Pool paint Technical Specifications

Pool paint Technical Specifications:

  • Appearance: Liquid mainly blue and white.
  • Drying Time: 48 to 72 hours (Depending on weather conditions).
  • Shelf life: In a closed container for up to one year.
  • Usage: One kilo per square meter .
  • Nano Pool Insulation Price (Pool Paint): -

Application of Pool Paint (Nano Insulation)

  • Replacement for bituminous coating and traditional methods.
  • Replacement of pool film and polymer pool.
  • Best insulation for concrete and cement pools.
  • Agricultural water storage and fish and shrimp farming.
  • Municipal drinking water storage and water treatment pool.
  • Isolation, crack repair and leak fixing of old pools.
  • Painting water tanks, fountains, pools, Jacuzzis and sauna.
  • Waterproofing surfaces exposed to water and moisture.
Application of Pool Paint (Nano Moisture Insulation)